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Feb 28, 2019
In simple words; all the PSVP work and people involved in it are inspiration to world ! PSVP is built on a very strong base of principles setup by Late Shri Bhayyaji Kane. Bhayyaji along with his disciple Jaywant ji are supreme examples of selfless devotion towards national cause. This noble cause is equally aided by active work and guidance of Dr D H Patil & Dr Neela Patil. PSVP lives and breathes mission of National Integration. I was also lucky to get introduced to another inspirational person - Veena, who is single-handedly spearheading the work at remotest sites and coordinating the whole show with all local volunteers at Manipur. Wishing best luck to all these wonderful people & the local staff, who are working tirelessly in difficult geographical region to support this cause.


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